Yacht Rigging



Southbound understands that aboard a sailing yacht, onboard systems don’t get much more important than the boat’s mast and rigging. For the ocean-going yacht especially, creating and maintaining a strong, fast, and seaworthy rig are of paramount importance to both the safety of the crew and their enjoyment of the boat. A boat’s mast and rigging must be as strong as the hull itself, must be easily handled, efficient and redundant. Southbound’s yacht rigging services can help you achieve that balance on your boat.

For the racing sailor, light weight and speed take priority, yet the rig must be strong enough to handle the high loads it will absorb on the inshore racecourse or crossing an ocean. Southbound has extensive experience working with the latest cutting-edge sailboat rigging, including carbon fiber spars, Dynex Dux and kevlar standing rigging, and high-tech running rigging.

For the sailor content to cruise the Chesapeake, rigging priorities become ease of use and economics. Southbound understands the varying needs of its diverse customers, and will outfit your boat based on your personal sailing goals and sailing area. We can service your old furling gear or recommend and install a new one. We offer winch service and routine maintenance of your boats mast and rigging, and will inspect and advise on all aspects of your rig. Browse our rigging section and give us a call if you’d like more information.

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