Running Rigging


Apart from a yacht’s sails, the state of a yacht’s running rigging can vastly change the way the boat performs, and in turn, your enjoyment of that performance. Racers and cruisers alike can benefit from running rigging improvements – new control lines make for easier sail trim; high-tech, low-stretch halyards help keep a yacht’s sails shaped and pulling efficiently; reefing systems made to efficiently reduce mainsail size will allow you to keep sailing comfortably in a blow, when other boats have headed for port or started their diesels. Southbound works with all boat owners to optimize your yacht’s running rigging and design your yacht’s control lines around the boat and the sailor – high-tech, go-fast lines for the competitive fleet; low-stretch, mid-range lines for the coastal cruiser; or long-lasting, overbuilt lines for the offshore yacht, where safety, redundancy and durability are of primary concern.