Standing Rigging

28659_409996533072_6176817_n Southbound will service and install all available types of standing rigging. We offer comprehensive rig surveys, including a detailed, printed report with photographs highlighting every aspect of the yacht’s rigging, both seaworthy and unsafe. Southbound can customize your yachts rig to take advantage of your primary sailing needs – strong, redundant and safe offshore; light and fast for racing; or practical and economical for coastal cruising. Additionally, Southbound is the only rigging shop in Annapolis to offer cutting-edge synthetic standing rigging. Dynex Dux is appearing on yachts from 35′ classics right on up to megayacht schooners. It’s especially popular on mutlihulls, where weight savings greatly increases performance. Dux is applicable as wire replacement for standing rigging, lifelines, steering cables and more. Contact us to schedule a rig survey or get a quote. IMG_2365